Ytellmagazine: Look Out! Brittany Leo Is Back

Brittany Leo is back and This Time, She is LOUD

Ytellmagazine: Look Out! Brittany Leo Is Back

Brittany Leo is back on TMFC Radio with her impassioned new song entitled “Loud.” Her return occurs only months following the chart-topping success of her single “Starting Over.” Leo finds herself in a unique position with her latest release.

“Loud” backed with the confidence that it will match or exceed the success of the first single

Will she have the staying power to compel listeners to raise her to the top of the charts again? Brittany has entered an area that will demonstrate whether her music has the stamina to continuously top the charts hit after hit. Her goal is to release “Loud” backed with the confidence that it will match or exceed the success of the first single.


Ytellmagazine: Look Out! Brittany Leo Is Back 2

Many artists and bands have confidently attempted and subsequently failed to deliver two back to back number one songs on the charts. The pressure to match the previous success can be insurmountable for many artists.

The pressure to match the previous success can be insurmountable for many artists.

Brittany Leo carefully crafted her release strategy, as demonstrated by her release of a high-powered music video for “Loud” aimed to build buzz and excitement surrounding the release of the single. The debut of “Loud” on the TMFC Radio Station on October 5, 2015 was an accomplishment, but whether it will be a chart topper remains to be seen.


Now Playing: Brittany Leo - Loud on TMFC Radio


The first single release from Leo’s album, “Undefeated,” made a slow climb to the top, reaching the charts after a month of radio play.

Will “Loud” be forced to stand on its own and fight to the top of the charts on its own merit?

Will “Loud” reach the charts more quickly because of the success of “Starting Over” or will “Loud” be forced to stand on its own and fight to the top of the charts on its own merit? If “Loud” is able to rise to the top quickly, Brittany Leo will solidify her name as a true hitmaker.

 Music Video: Loud By Brittany Leo




Ytellmagazine: R. City In Hot Pursuit

R. City is in a high-speed chase for the top spot on the TMFC Group Radio Chart.


Ytellmagazine: R. City In Hot Pursuit

Make Up” by R. City, was chosen by Ytellradio for airplay on its pop station. The track was added to the TMFC Radio playlist on September 19, 2015. “Make Up” première on the station a few days later with great success.

Ytellmagazine: R. City In Hot Pursuit Part 2

The track was a favorite among listeners, and it moved from its première into heavy rotation. The song continues to climb its way to the top in pursuit of the number-one spot.

R. City – Make Up


Johnnyswim: Still In The Fight

JohnnySwim is showing the world that they have staying power.

Ytellmagazine: Johnnyswim - Still In The fight
Source – Lincoln Now

Photo Credit –  Chris Ozer Photography

The duo returns to the TMFC Group Radio Chart this week with the song entitled “Over.” The track is one of the greatest songs from JohnnySwim.

Ytellmagazine: Johnnyswim - still in the fight 2

Source – Lincoln Now

Photo Credit –  Chris Ozer Photography

"Over" was selected by Ytellradio for its flagship station On May 16, 2015.
Ytellmagazine: JohnnySwim - Still In The Fight 3
Source – Lincoln Now

Photo Credit –  Chris Ozer Photography

The song fast became a fan favorite and rapidly transitioned to the charts. Now, months after its debut on TMFC Radio, “Over” is still on the charts.

Source – Lincoln Now

Photo Credit –  Chris Ozer Photography

Johnnyswim – Over

View JohnnySwim's position on the TMFC Group Radio Chart.

Is Brittany Leo’s “Loud” a Game Changer?

Brittany Leo
Brittany Leo

Ytellradio has announced that “Starting Over,” a hit song from chart topping Brittany Leo, will be yanked from the play list in order to debut Leo’s newest single, “Loud.”

The dramatic decision raises questions and frustrations for the TMFC Radio listening audience. Does pulling “Starting Over” increase the chances of success for “Loud?” Or does it leave a bad taste for listeners who are still excited about “Starting Over?” What is the harm in keeping both songs on the playlist?    

Brittany Leo, a vocal powerhouse and fan sweetheart, is enjoying her time on the charts and likely wants to feed off of her current momentum by following up with the feisty “Loud.” Listeners are still enjoying and requesting “Starting Over” and are anticipating Leo’s next big hit. Will the removal of the current track from the station affect its position on the charts and prevent Leo from having two hit songs at once? Could the decision to pull “Starting Over” from TMFC Radio result in a chilling reception for “Loud” upon its release?

Ytellradio has an ongoing policy of playing one song per artist at a time. Are they able to follow this policy and please the listeners? It will be interesting to see if Brittany Leo fans will cause the media outlet to re-think its policy. If Ytellradio reconsiders the policy in favor of listener requests, Brittany Leo may make history as the first artist to have two songs on the radio and charts.

Ytellmagazine: The Power of Nina Rawz & “The Underground”

Recording artists around the country appreciate the “The Underground” radio show in Mobile, Alabama.

Nina Rawz - The Underground

Hosted by the feisty and fabulous Bronx native, Nina Rawz, and broadcast by The Big Station 93 WBLX, “The Underground” is a unique and inspiring radio show. Featuring segments such as Featured Artist of the Week, Rawzology 101 and The Gossip Center, Nina Rawz takes full advantage of the opportunity to promote local, independent artists, educate listeners about the ins and outs of the music business as well as dish on the latest celebrity dirt. The Big Station 93 WBLX is a major resource for Mobile music fans, priding themselves in providing a platform for the biggest and best Hip Hop and R&B artists.


93blx The Big Station

“The Underground” radio show airs each Sunday from 5:00pm – 9:00pm. The show is heavily favored for inviting independent artists to sit with Nina Rawz as she introduces the artist and their music to the Mobile Hip Hop community. Local artists have the opportunity to share their music on a local level, in hopes that Nina Rawz’ advice and exposure will land them on the urban music map.


Mobile Alabama

“The Underground” is a gem within the Mobile music scene and Nina Rawz brings the power and positivity appreciated by Hip Hop and R&B fans.

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Promote Your Music Like A Blockbuster
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