Ytelltrailers: Ep. 19 | The Storm Is Coming

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Ytelltrailers | The Storm Is Coming


What movies were released this week?



A great resource for movie lovers, Ytelltrailers: Episode 19 “The Storm Is Coming” provides excellent previews of movies in stores this week.

Ytellmagazine has curated several videos in one place so that you do not have to waste time searching for multiple videos. Watch movies that are exceptional and enjoy amazing content from Ytelltrailers.


Ytelltrailers: S2 | Ep.7 | It’s Not Safe

Ytellmagazine presents episode 7 of the preview show.

Ytelltrailers: S2| Ep.7 | It's Not Safe

Ytelltrailers is a web series, and the title of the episode is It’s not safe. The movies featured in the episode is available for stream, rent, or purchase. It’s possible for you to see the trailers in the broadcast by clicking the play button.


Ytelltrailer - Furious 7

Furious 7

After defeating Owen Shaw and his crew and securing amnesty for their past offenses, Dominic “Dom” Toretto, Brian O’Conner, and the rest of the team have returned to America to live normal lives again. Brian begins to accustom himself as a father to life, while Dom tries to help Letty Ortiz regain her memories. Owen ‘s older brother, Deckard Shaw, breaks to the protected hospital the comatose Owen has been held in and swears revenge before breaking into Luke Hobbs’ DSS office to pull profiles of Dom’s crew.

Ytelltrailers: The Ouija Exercism

The Ouija Exorcism

Inside a ouija board, a famed exorcist trapped a dreadful devil in 1985. Believing the board to be a game, his son played without obeying the rules, and let the devil loose. As a way to save his son, he was sent by the exorcist far away until the devil could be destroyed.

Ytelltrailers - Lego - The Justice League vs The Bizarro League

Lego: The Justice League vs The Bizarro League

Batman joins the Justice League that is just formed so that you can keep tabs. This mistrust is complicated by Superman’s bad (but well meaning) clone Bizarro and his development. But an even bigger threat forces the two Leagues to join forces.

Ytelltrailers: June


Nine-year-old June continues to be shuffled in and out of foster homes for years. And though she tries to not be bad, no matter where she goes, a trail of chaos and panic appears to follow. It’s only when June is sent to live using a brand new couple, Lily and Dave, that it appears as if things might finally work out, except this innocent kid with all the face of an angel is possessed by an ancient, malevolent entity that’s hijacked her spirit.



Ytelltrailers: S1 | Ep.6 | Are You Alone

Ytelltrailers - Season 1 - Episode 6

Ytellmagazine presents season one, episode six of Ytelltrailers – Are You Alone.

The web series has movie trailers from major and independent film companies  available for purchase this week. The following presentation has been optimized for  your viewing pleasure on a smart-phone, tablet, or computer.

Dark Places Movie
Dark Places

The Invoking 2 Movie
The Invoking 2

Tremors 5 Movie
Tremors 2

Maul Dogs Movie
Maul Dogs

Insidious Chapter 3 Movie
Insidious Chapter 3

Air Movie

Eater Movie

Ytelltrailers: S1 | Ep.4 | Everybody’s a Liar

Ytelltrailers: Season 1 | Episode 4

Ytellmagazine presents season oneepisode four of Ytelltrailers.

The web series has movie trailers from major and independent film companies available for purchase this week. The following presentation has been optimized for your viewing pleasure on a smart-phone, tablet, or computer.


Dark Places

The Invoking 2

Tremors 5

Maul Dogs



Love & Hip Hop’s Southern Discomfort

The reunion show was in full effect with Nina Parker, formerly of TMZ, dishing out the tough questions and trying to hold these personalities together.

Love & Hip Hop - Lets Fight - Mimi
Photo Source – VH1

Stevie J and Joseline were subject to the first line of questioning, where they shared that they are both focusing on their careers. They dodged questions about their relationship but it is clear that they are still dealing with each other. Mimi is brought into the conversation where she is brutally honest about how Joseline is simply not a nice person.

Love & Hip Hop - Lets Fight 1

Photo Source – VH1

Joc tried to hold it together while he was painted as a man who could not control himself. As the story of his children, their moms and his sugar mommas unraveled, things got tense and Khadiyah seemed ready to fight. Nikko and Stevie J quickly followed it up with their physical confrontation. Nikko refused to admit that he is gay, even though Joseline was insistent. Joseline did admit, however, that she prefers the sexual company of females, which does not bode well for Stevie J.

Love & Hip Hop - Let's Fight - Jos

Photo Source – VH1

The new “clap back” where the cast has the opportunity to respond to comments made during the season’s “after party” is an interesting component and led to a suspenseful close of Part I.

Love & Hip Hop - Let's Fight - Stevie J

Photo Source – VH1



Total Divas: Can Nikki Bella Sing?

Video Source – Eonline

The Competition, the Rivalry, the Twists and Turns of the Intriguing Lives of Total Divas

Photo Source – Eonline

With national singing contests coming up, Nikki claims that she can sing better than any of the other contestants in the competition. Brie decides to set her up to make her national debut through the contest. The drama unfolds as tempers and tension rise in the course of the contest. Allies are made with rivals battling it out for the top position in the contest. 

Photo Source – Eonline

Nikki sings as the true diva that she is, and her attitude and huge ego simply gets tongues wagging all through the singing contest. As the drama unfolds, elsewhere Paige suspects that her husband Kevin is cheating on her. She comes up with an ingenious plan trying to test Kevin’s trustworthiness. She is convinced of his infidelity, and decides it is time to catch him in the act. 

Photo Source – Eonline

The story gets more intriguing when Nattie develops a notion that WWE is phasing her out. She takes measures into her own hands trying to make sure that she remains in the WWE fraternity. The twists, the turn, the exasperation, the mistrust and the rivalries are all intertwined in this new episode of Total Divas. Catch a glimpse of the most interesting and intriguing all new episode of the most dramatic reality TV show today!

Photo Source – Eonline


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